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Variety – Dictionary and Synonym – register

In the multilingual Europe the diversity of names often is a handicap for co-operation across the border. And even in the same language an old variety may have many different regional names and synonyms, aggravating the conservation efforts. Thus SAVE-Foundation launched to establish an online-dictionary and Synonymregister of fruit varieties. In the first step, several thousand names and synonyms of apple and plume varieties have been listed online in seven languages (English, German, French, Czech, Slovakian, Russian and Polish).

Further languages  – depending on availability of pomology-specialists of these countries willing to co-operate and further species (pear, cherry and others) will follow.

A literature evidence and additional information is part of this database, as well as links to descriptive databases.

If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:

This work is only possible thanks to the assistance of numerous experts. We especially thank the following people for providing extensive units to the synonymous register:

  • Václav Tetera, Czech Republic, (Apple varieties)
  • Falk Kröling, Germany, (Stone fruit varieties)